Jewish Holidays

Speaking about the Jewish Holidays we have to separate the Major and Minor holidays. Every one of the Jewish Holidays has a special meaning, symbolism, and even special foods. Look up and read about the High Holidays that are the first and second Holidays in the Jewish calendar Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. You will find information about Shloshet Haregalim, the Three Pilgrimage Festivals that are three major festivals in Judaism. Those Holidays consist of Succot - tabernacle, Pessach - Passover, and Shavuot - the Day the Torah was given they are also called biblical holidays. All other holidays we celebrate like Purim or Chanukah are considered minor holidays as they were not mentioned in the Torah. The minor Jewish holidays are also named rabbinic holidays. Here we speak about festivals that are not expressly mentioned in the Bible and were developed later during the rabbinic period of Jewish history. Please keep in mind that a Jewish holiday always begins at sunset. When going to each holiday in the list of Jewish Holidays you will learn its meaning and traditions. In a special section in this website we gathered for you many recipes to make the Jewish holidays a greater joy. And last but not least remember that the Jewish Holidays are always a beautiful time to pamper family, friends, and oneself with great gifts from Gans Jerusalem. To read about a specific Jewish Holiday please go to scroll menu above.