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Brian Bergner's products

Brian Bergner Brian Bergner with the assistance of his wife Alice design and craft unique hand made stone, glass, and aluminum Judaica and giftware as well as accessories for the home environment. Brian Bergner is a talented judaica artist who interprets the Judaic religious artifacts in a contemporary way with a rather Israeli approach that adds a modern dimension to the traditional Judaic art piece. The location of their studio in Caesarea, Israel, a seafront township built by the Roman builder Herod, is an undoubted inspiration for our work. it is short of amazing to see how using modern techniques Brian and Alice Bergner work with materials used by artist for thousands of years giving the finished art pieces a unique and contemporary look. Enjoy the work of Brian Bergner and bring into your home the Contemporary Judaic Art that will highly be appreciated by Judaica and sought after by Judaic art connoisseurs. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR BRIAN BERGNER JUDAIC ART

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