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Ori Niv's products

Ori Niv Israeli born Ori Niv is a multidisciplinary artist. He is a graduate of product design studies, holds a BA in art from Tel Aviv University, and is a painter, copywriter, and now, after his first child was born, an author of children books. Ori Niv will most probably protest but most people relate to his works as cool in the most positive way. Product designer Ori Niv creates affordable metal art. The products he creates are all useful items with a special funny edge. Some of the pieces depict puns, privat jokes, parody, comedy, and sometimes just funny nonsense. Looking at the Tissue Paper Fixture for instance enables a peek at a situation to be viewed from a different and unusual angle. When it comes to silhouettes Ori Niv is a magician. Using innovative laser techniques on metal, Ori creates humor-full metal figures of street musicians, sportsmen, and animals bring a special mood into your everyday living. The laser cut metal art pieces by Ori Niv will add a stunning and unique accent to any home‘s or office‘s decor. Ori Niv would like to make the owner of his art work smile upon seeing them. His artifacts include decorative metal sculptures and functional products that will bring some fun and good design into the home.

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