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Annat Orlitzki's products

Annat Orlitzki Annat Orlitzki is an Israeli artist that comes from the world of industrial design with a special feeling to feminine and soft lines The influence of Annat Orlizki work with the industry can be seen in the sleek lines of basic material being ornamented by hand with gold-plated threads and beads. The contrast of the industrial with the individual personal touch makes all of Annat Orlitzki Judaic products unique and lovable. With her metal art designs Annat Orlitzki offers a contemporary and fresh approach to traditional Judaic ritual objects. Each piece of Annat Orlitzki is individually crafted and hand finished with love to make it a treasured and loveable object. All of Annat Orlitzki designs are contemporary and will add a modern look to your home. Annat Orlitzki metal art designs include Judaic art objects like Menorahs and Seder plates and everyday objects that will brighten up your home and study. Annat Orlitzki brings innovation to Judaic art and her contemporary designs will make a great addition to any Judaica collection.

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