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Malla Carl's products

Malla Carl Born in Poland Malla Carl, the daughter of Rabbi Blumenkrantz immigrated just in time with her family to Switzerland. After graduating the Kunstgewerbeschule in Lucerne she decided in 1969 to settle in Israel. The first calligraphic work by Malla Carl was the invitation for her son's bar Mitzvah in 1976. After that commissions followed, and Malla Carl hasn't stopped writing and drawing since. Malla Carl is fascinated by the Bible stories and loves to draw scenes that show paragraphs picturing the stories we heard but can not imagine ourselves. The specialty of Malla is the Bible in art and lettering. In her works on parchment she often includes the landscape of Jerusalem, portraits of family and neighbors, or the interesting faces of strangers she sees at the bus stop, whom she invites home to model. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON TOP OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR MALLA CARL OUTSTANDING JUDAIC PAINTINGS.

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